What is Q Me?

Q Me was started by a teacher and two students wanting to create a fun, simple, and smart way to share and receive recommendations as well as organize all the content you’ve been meaning to get to plus have a home to store some notes on those items. No more scattered content ideas and recommendations on texts, notes, emails, cocktail napkins, etc.

What are Q's?

Q’s are recommendations you want to get to, or want others to get to. Like when someone suggests we see a movie, we add it to our mental "to watch" list or “queue.” Instead of trying to remember, just tell them to Q Me or add it yourself.

Why do you need to verify my phone number?

We want to keep the integrity of the app and reduce spam accounts. We don’t sell your number to telemarketers because it’s annoying and is another form of spam, which we loathe.

Who can see/view my recommendations?

Only you and the person you recommend to. If you both set to ‘everyone’ then it is visible to others on the app. If just one of you set to private, then it is only between you two.

What are archives and rating?

Clicking the text, Archive? allows you the chance to give a rating on an item or experience you completed.

Who can view my archived and rated items?

Only you. The only exception are items you mark as “Greatest of…” (Greatest of all time or Goat) which are viewable for everyone. Then, other users may view what you rated as the “Greatest Of” on your profile. But if you don’t want people to see those, then mark it private.

Why can’t users see what I didn’t like?

Keeping it positive at Q Me, there is enough negativity in the world. Of course, your comments can easily reveal your thoughts if you want to express yourself, if that’s the case mark it for everyone to see.

Do I have to be friends to send or receive recommendations?

No. But your experience on the app and use of Discover is enhanced. Plus it’s nice to be wanted.

What is Discover?

Start befriending people and you can see the recommendations shared between them and get some cool new ideas and easily add items to your own Q. You must be friends with them and they have to set their privacy to everyone in order to see them.

Why can’t I comment on a recommendation I didn’t send or receive?

We want to cut back on unnecessary comments, trolls and spam. If both of you set it to everyone, they can view your comments but cannot post. Want to keep it between you two? Mark it private.

What do I do if I get unwanted recommendations? Can I delete items?

Currently items are not able to be deleted. We suggest you archive the item as “Did not complete” and/or create a “no thanks” category or simply leave it as your default category.

What is the default category?

This is the category any incoming recommendation will be labeled as. Feel free to change once it is in your Q. You can also edit the name of your default category in menu>>categories.

Will a duplicate recommendation go through?

Yes. Sometimes it’s helpful to know how many times someone recommends something. Feel free to create a “dup” (duplicate) category if you want to keep track.

How do I edit/change categories?

In the menu, click on Categories and edit them there. Just know, whatever items were previously tagged will be changed. So if you had a bunch of films labeled ‘movies’ and you change it to ‘Netflix’ all those items will be categorized as Netflix. You may go back and change those items individually.

Can I send a recommendation to multiple people at once?

No. We want to start off keeping recommending special and not spammy. Drop us a line if you want us to consider this feature.

Can I send myself a recommendation?

Of course! This is one of our main features! Your name will always be the first option whenever you go to recommend.

Can I make my recommendations private?

Sure, click the icon from globe to friends. You can also set future recommendations in Menu>>Settings

Can I block a user?

Yes, this is done by going to that user’s profile page and clicking on the dots on the top right corner.

How do I delete my account?

Delete it off your phone. All set!

Where can I send feedback/suggestions?